Breast reduction is the removal of extra tissues, fats, and skin from the breast area. In the medical world, it’s also known as mammaplasty. This procedure is friendly for People who have breasts bigger than what they would like to have.

You might be wondering who would ever want small breasts but there are some pains and discomfort associated with having large breasts. Patients with this condition opt for a mammoplasty to help reduce this pain and discomfort by reducing breasts to a more convenient size for them. Breasts too big for the body can be a hindrance in performing some type of sports and exercise. It can also make you very self-aware. If these are your conditions, then you should consider getting a mammoplasty from a board certified plastic surgeon. Getting a good plastic surgeon is very advisable. However, they may be quite expensive but going to just about any surgeon because it’s cheap can tend to have negative effects later in a near future.

Breast Reduction Example

Breast Reduction Example

Breast Reduction Example

Breast Reduction Example

Before getting this surgery, a board certified plastic surgeon would walk you through the complications you might face and tell you just about how much can be done for you.

Reasons why people opt for a breast reduction

Having large breasts, as mentioned above, can have a negative impact On the body, such as:

  • Women with large breasts experience rashes and some irritation around and under the breasts
  • Large breasts can cause serious pains around the back. Pain can also be present in the neck and shoulders and this hinders daily activities. Women who experience this tend to invest a lot in pain medications.
  • It can cause restrictions in our daily activities and can also cause pains in the nerve.
  • It can make you socially aware and insecure about your general appearance.
  • Finding clothes and bras your side can be quite frustrating and you might have to get custom made Ones.

Now, given all these facts, it is definitely not a bad idea to get a breast reduction surgery as it really hinders people from the best things in life. Although it isn’t recommended for people Who :

  • Have diabetes and certain health-related issues.
  • Have a bad smoking habit
  • Are extremely fat
  • Have the perfect breasts idea in mind and do not want scars around their breasts.
  • It Also isn’t recommended for teenagers who haven’t had full body development yet.

Getting a breast reduction surgery, there are certain factors that you might consider to postpone the procedure. Just as teenagers aren’t advised to get a reduction surgery until they are fully developed. This isn’t entirely canceling the idea but moving it a bit to the future.

Another reason you might want to postpone your mammoplasty is

Starting a family: women who haven’t had children but plan to later, are adviced against having a mammoplasty just yet. Or women who would want to have more kids in the future would have to wait till childbirth is no longer an issue. This is because, after a breast reduction surgery, there might be some limitations to breastfeeding. This isn’t always the case as you can ask your surgeon to make it possible for you to be able to breastfeed later on in life.

Weight loss: if you intend dieting in the future as well as losing weight, you too might want to reconsider getting surgery just now. If after your weight loss agenda, you still have big breasts that still cause you discomfort, then you definitely can proceed in getting a mammaplasty, although chances are, once you start exercising, your breasts might reduce to the appropriate size for you.

Certain risks involved with breast reduction surgery

Every Major surgery in the world have their risks and breast reduction surgery is one of them. These are possible risks to know before considering the procedure

  • You would experience permanent bruising and of course, scarring
  • There could be an infection after surgery
  • There might be lots of bleeding.
  • You also might lose the sensation you feel around your Areola and also your nipple and might not feel anything in those places during intimacy.
  • You might not be able to breastfeed, as mentioned above.
  • The difference the breasts sizes and shapes can need more than one surgery to improve the general outlook and make it more symmetrical.

How do you prepare yourself for a breast reduction surgery?

You would first have to go meet your surgeon for a consultation. Where he will

  • Take a look at your medical history.
  • Run a test to make sure you are physically fit for this procedure.
  • He would like to know what exactly you have it mind. Your expectations and if they can’t be met, a good alternative of your choice. This is regarded as how you would like the breasts to look after surgery and the general outlook too.
  • Your surgeon would give you in details, each surgical procedure and the risk factors surrounding it.
  • He would let you know about the fact you might lose sensation as well as scarring around the breast area.
  • He would then take a measurement of your breasts.
  • He would also take photographs In front and side angles. To give in insight and for other medical purposes.
  • He would walk you through the kind of anesthesia you would be administered during surgery.

You would also be asked to:

  • Conduct a few lab tests
  • Conduct a mammogram  to check for any complications.
  • Avoiding certain drugs such as painkillers and supplements as they can increase chances of bleeding during surgery  
  • You would be advice on staying away from unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking before surgery and after to enable you to heal better.
  • You would be told on how long your bed rest period is, how soon you can leave the hospital so you can make arrangements for someone to follow you for the surgery and come pick you up after the surgery. If you need to stay a night or a couple of nights, you would have to inform your family prior.

You do not have to worry about pain and any form of discomfort during surgery as you would be put under general anesthesia.

Breast reduction procedure

Breast Reduction Implants Insertion

Breast Reduction Implants Insertion

Since you’d be put under general anesthesia, you would not get to know what’s going on. Chances are your doctor has already given you the 4-1-1. But we’ll also walk you through it. Remember, the size of your breast determines the kind of surgery to be conducted. There are two ways this can Occur.

  • Getting Surgery done through the use of incisions
  • Removing the excess fat in your breast pockets through the use of liposuction.

Here’s what the Surgeon does:

  • He/she makes a neat and we’ll carve incision just around the areola which goes down in both breasts.
  • He would then remove all the extra fat in the breasts, as well as tissues and also a bit of skin to make it firmer. This would be done on both breasts.
  • He would then give your breast a new shape. He might also give your nipples and Areola a new position if they are hanging too low.

The nipples and areola are very sensitive and not to be messed with so they usually remain on the breast through all these procedures. It would only be removed if they are hanging too low and would be reattached in a better position to give you the breast of your choice

Your surgeon would try his best to make sure your breasts are symmetrical, he might also reduce to the size of your Areola to fit the size of your new breasts. You must have in mind that both breasts can’t look 100% alike but they would look just perfect and your incision scars are permanent although they would heal to a certain extent.

You would be addressed on how to take care of yourself after surgery. Bandages would be used as coverings for your breasts. Your doctor might prefer using a gauze dressing instead. While any excess blood or body fluid will pass through a tube which would be put under both your arms. Your doctor would also recommend painkillers to help you with the pain and discomfort, plus an antibiotic to prevent an infection.

After the operation during the first hours or a couple of days, your breasts would be really sensitive and tender to touch. Plus they would appear swollen as results of body inflammation which is normal. A compression bra would be recommended in order to give the breasts full coverage and protection. You would also be advised against wearing underwire bras to avoid complications for at least a few months.

After your surgery, you would have to reduce the physical activities to a bare minimum for at least a month, to enable your breasts to heal and not rupture any stitches.

You would also be required to have a regular checkup with your doctor till he says you’re good to go and do not need any more check-ups. He would have to remove stitches and check for sign of any infection and if there’s life in the nipples to make sure they don’t die and fall off.

Breast Reduction Results

After a breast reduction surgery (mammaplasty), your breasts might not look as attractive as you would think for a few weeks due to the inflammation, but you would be able to see a significant difference. After a while, when healing is complete, you’ll be very much pleased with the results and you would feel good in all areas. All the pain around your neck, back and shoulders will be relieved. You would also be able to exercise freely, be more confident and also participate fully in many physical activities you couldn’t before because of pain or general restrictions.

Although you’ll see results immediately, remember that it can take months for the swelling to completely go down and the surgical scars to fade. The end result is typically permanent — although breast size and shape can alter due to other factors such as aging and weight loss or gain.

Difference between a Mastopexy and Breast Reduction

A common misconception is that they are both the same but Mastopexy is a breast lift surgery while a mammoplasty is to redo the shape and size of the breasts such as the case of a breast reduction. A lot of people think they are the same and might think they are getting one instead of the order. during consultation with your surgeon, the difference would be thoroughly explained to you so you can be a 100% sure on the procedure you’re getting.

A Mastopexy procedure deals more on the elements that support the breast, therefore, lifting it. Unlike the mammoplasty, which deals with breast tissues and the factors that give the breasts shape and size. When women age, the breast begins to sag. The breast tissues get affected by gravity and they start hanging lose, this can be caused also by gaining a lot of body weight, which adds weight to the breasts as well, breastfeeding and even weight loss. This makes the deltopectoral fascia, which is a supporting element, to start elongating. It causes the breasts to end lower than where it’s supposed to be. And make skin flaccid and nipples facing downwards.

A Mastopexy has several ways it can be performed. A patient would have to declare their needs to the doctor Before surgery starts. Most times, just a Mastopexy isn’t enough as a mammoplasty  has to be combined in order to achieve some certain results such as a breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is a procedure to regain volume back to deflated breasts.

A breast lift can be performed solely as the breast condition and wants of a client influence the choices heavily. Perhaps that’s where all the confusion comes from and people can’t tell the difference between a Mastopexy ( breast lift)  and a mammoplasty (involves altering the shape and size the mammary glands).