There is nothing as annoying as entering the kitchen, and getting ready to whip that awesome batch of cookies, then realizing that you are missing some ingredients. We all love the homemade blondies because they are more healthy and delicious than the one seen in stores.

Imagine getting yourself ready by looking at the recipe, and bringing out the ingredients, then it is realized that one ingredient is nowhere to be found. I, for one, hate this. It makes me want to scream to the heavens in frustration. How then can you rush to the grocery store to get that ingredient that is needed? Sometimes, you may end up going to the grocery store, and you come back tired, and not wanting to do the homemade cookies again.

If brown sugar is that ingredient that is missing, you are in luck, as there are ways to whip up brown sugar alternatives from what you have at home. While making a lot of homemade snacks, many persons usually prefer to make use of brown sugar to using white sugar.

You can have the brown sugar alternative made there to give off similar taste like the real deal.

One of them is making use of molasses and granulated sugar, and you can have the caramel feel to it too. This brown sugar alternative can also sit well in not only baked snacks but other delicious dishes like sauces.

Instead of going to the trip without planning for it to take the brown sugar, why not make use of these brown sugar alternatives, and continue baking. One great thing about these brown sugar alternatives is that they do not taint the taste and flavor of what you are doing.

  1. Use White Sugar

Did you just notice that you are out of brown sugar, or the one you have has gone bad? What can you do? If you can’t head to the store to get another one, you can make use of white sugar. Yes, you read that right. This is a clear brown sugar alternative that can do a similar job of brown sugar.

You can merely replace the amount of brown sugar that you were meant to use with the same amount of white granulated sugar, and it will do a similar job.

The difference between brown sugar and white sugar is the presence of molasses there. For brown sugar, it is a combination of white sugar and molasses. The only difference that may be noticed when you use white sugar as a brown sugar alternative is that there may be a little change in the taste, which may end up not being noticed. The recipe’s moisture content may also change. All in all, whatever variation that there may be will be negligible.

Let’s say that you are making use of white sugar as a brown sugar alternative, you may notice that the cookies are a bit lighter in hue and crisper than before. This will give you a real treat.

This is a great option if the other ones that will be discussed later on fail, and you won’t be able to dash to the store to get the brown sugar. This brown sugar alternative will allow you to bake without breaking a sweat.

  1. Make Your Own Brown Sugar

The same way that buttermilk or cake flour can be made at home is the same way that brown sugar can be whipped up at home. It is quite easy to learn how to do your homemade brown sugar by using these ingredients:

White Sugar and Molasses.

It is quite easy to make your own brown sugar, as long as you follow the steps discussed later on.

Look at your pantry, what do you have there? There is a great chance that you will find molasses and granulated sugar there. With these, you can have your brown sugar whipped up.

One part I like about this is that you don’t even need to cook it at all. If you check your pantry and you don’t have molasses, you can decide to opt for maple syrup. It can take the place of molasses, though it may come with its varying flavor that is subtle.

Knowing how to whip up a brown sugar alternative can help to save you the stress when you want to bake and you can’t find brown sugar.

The basic thing here is to mix the sugar and molasses, but you have to do it in the right amount.

Put one to two tablespoons of molasses in a cup of white sugar, if it is light brown sugar that you want to make.

On the other hand, if you want to whip up dark brown sugar, you should consider putting a quarter cup of molasses in a cup of white sugar.

Once added, you can then mix them up by using a food processor, mixer or wooden spoon.

How to Soften Hard Brown Sugar

Are you seeking for a brown sugar alternative because making use of brown sugar is difficult because of its hard structure, you can easily fix that. It is common to hear people say that brown sugar is hard.

You can use any of these means to have the brown sugar softened for use

If You Don’t Need The Brown Sugar To Be Softened Immediately

If you know that you won’t make a recipe that involves brown sugar, it is wise to check the state of it, especially once it has been opened. Why is this so?

Brown sugar is known to become hard easily, making it unable to use. To rectify it, if you don’t plan on using it immediately, you can put some slices of Apple or a bread slice with the brown sugar in a very airtight container.

Once the brown sugar has softened, you should remove the bread or apple slices.

Another way to do this is to put the brown sugar in a bowl, then have it covered by a damp cloth. Allow it to sit throughout the night.

If You Need The Brown Sugar Right Now

If you have the intention of using the hard or caked brown sugar immediately to make cookies or want to have your oatmeal sweetened, put your brown sugar in s bowl that can withstand the heat of the microwave, and have it covered with a paper towel that’s slightly damp. Put the bowl in a microwave until you see that it’s soft.

If you see any remaining clumps, use a fork to have it softened. Since it is hot, you have to be careful as you handle it to prevent it from scalding you.

Get a Brown Sugar Saver To Save You The Stress

It is common for brown sugar to harden, but getting a brown sugar saver saves you the stress. It costs little and comes as a tiny piece of terra cotta stone that is wetted, and you placed in the canister that contains the brown sugar.

This terracotta is effective because it can hold moisture for a long while, and it is quite porous when lying in a container that’s airtight. All you have to do is wet the terracotta once in a long while.

Have Light Brown Sugar and Need Dark Brown Sugar?

If you have light brown sugar and want to make it darker, you can consider adding molasses into the light brown sugar.

A tablespoon of molasses for a cup of light brown sugar will do the trick.

If you can’t find molasses, you can opt for maple syrup, and use similar measurement. This will get your light brown sugar looking dark brown.

If, on the other hand, you have dark brown sugar and need light brown sugar, use it like that. There is no difference.

  1. Use granulated sugar and agave nectar

If you go through your cabinets and you don’t see maple syrup and molasses, you should consider using agave nectar. It can work the same way that both maple syrup and molasses work. All you have to do is to use the same measurement as the others to get dark brown sugar and light brown sugar.

  1. Turbinado sugar

Turbinado sugar is raw sugar that I can’t get enough of. It has not been processed as much as others and is great for having your coffee sweetened. It can even be added on the top of your pies or muffins.

When you make use of turbinado sugar, there is a great change that you will notice its subtle molasses flavor.

This makes it a great brown sugar alternative. It won’t be a bad idea to try it out if you are thinking of spicing up your cookies. Who said you must use turbinado sugar over and over again?

Though this sugar may not have a similar molasses flavor, it has a tiny feel of it when used in sauces or baked snacks.

While using turbinado sugar, it is important to know that turbinado sugar doesn’t come with enough moisture, meaning that if it is used in some recipes, you could have a dried up end product on your hand.

Try to make use of turbinado sugar in only liquid batters such as cakes, brownies and sauces. If you decide to use it everywhere, you can add a bit of maple syrup or molasses

The crystals of turbinado sugar are quite large, so before making use of it, you can grind them up using a food processor.

Muscovado sugar

This is a good brown sugar alternative that can leave your baked goods delicious. Muscovado sugar is great and has a hint of the molasses.

It is both minimally processed and natural like its counterpart, turbinado sugar.

If you compare muscovado sugar to granulated sugar, one can tell that it is a better option when it is come to how healthy it is.

Since the molasses were not wiped from the muscovado sugar, it is very dark in hue, while having a strong flavor. One awesome thing of this sugar is that it possesses a large amount of moisture, meaning that the probability of it clumping up is reduced. If you want to bake, you should consider using muscovado sugar because it is tasty and healthy. If you want to get the effect of dark brown sugar, you can opt for dark muscovado, and if you want light brown sugar, you can opt for light muscovado.


Do you live in a place that brown sugar is scarce or little in supply, you can opt for demerara.

Not every part of the globe has access to brown sugar, and that’s where demerara comes into the equation. Not only is it sweet, but it is also a very healthy alternative for those that do not fancy mixing granulated sugar and molasses.

It is similar to muscovado, as it has similar flavor with brown sugar and moisture content. It is also a good brown sugar alternative.

Coconut sugar

As a brown sugar alternative, coconut sugar can offer a similar effect to the brown sugar.

It is usually made from the coconut palm tree, by squeezing out the sap of its flower buds. They are known to be very healthy, far healthier than brown sugar. It is common to see coconut sugar in a health food store, as a substitute for brown sugar.

Its being in the health food store buttresses that this brown sugar alternative is really healthy, healthier than the other brown sugar alternatives that have listed above.

When you look at it, it seems like brown sugar, those it comes with a mild sweet flavor.

One reason some persons do not fancy this is because it is not as sweet as the brown sugar alternatives listed above. At times, when using a sweetener, be it the natural or artificial one, it is important to also consider how healthy it is.

If you are looking for a healthy brown sugar alternative and a sweet one at that, you should consider this.

It is a great brown sugar alternative because it will barely affect the outcome of your products.