Good shape and proportion of the buttocks is an important part of the physical features of the body. It is what many people, especially women spend a lot of time taking care of in form of good diet and adequate exercise. But maybe you do not like the shape of your butt, you want to improve the shape and look more attractive. Not to worry, cosmetic surgeons are there to help.

The aim of a butt lift is to bring about a better contour so that the butt can have a richer, fuller and rounder look. So now the question is, what type of butt lift procedure will be perfect for you?

Types of Butt Lifts

There are different types of butt lifts that depend on the choice of the patient and what the cosmetic surgeon prescribes after he/she has looked at it. They are the traditional butt lifts, butt implants and Brazilian butt lifts. All these have a joint purpose of creating a more beautiful and firmer butt.

Traditional Butt Lift

This butt lift procedure has existed for so many years. It is done generally by removing and cutting away excess fat, tissue and skin. Then according to the cosmetic surgeon’s discretion, he/she may also remove the remaining skin tight, and reposition the butt in such a way that it looks perkier, firmer and younger. Now there are three primary types of traditional butt lift- the upper butt lift, lower butt lift, and the butterfly lift.

  • The upper butt lift surgery is a sort of invasive surgery, that is, one that involves cutting into the body. In this case, the surgeon cuts across the butt at the top to gain access to the tissues that need to be repositioned or removed.
  • Lower butt lift: This usually applies to people with a sagging butt. If the sag is moderate or mild, then the surgeon may remove extra tissue from the lower part of the buttocks and shift the crease up.
  • Then the butterfly lift is used for patients who want to have their butts tightened. The name ‘butterfly lift’ is gotten from the shape of the in and out sharp cuts that are made by the surgeon during the procedure. However, the butt is not moved.
  • There is also this technique that allows the doctor to make sharp cuts on either side of the buttocks. It is generally used in cases of moderate sagging of butt and hip, and it gives little and unnoticeable scars.

We also have butt injections. This involves the use of injections filled with hydrogel or silicone to insert into a person’s butt. People usually perceive these substances to be a quick fix compared to the real procedures, but they pose a lot of health challenges. This method is usually attractive to people because of the cheap cost of the substances, but these costs are low because they are unlicensed substances given by unlicensed practitioners in unsafe conditions (some of the injections may have expired or it may be unsterile). Also, it is unregulated and even banned in several countries. A person using butt injections cannot be 100% certain that he is getting what he wants. Furthermore, it poses a lot of health risks, ranging from the death of tissues, infections to even hardening of the butt and threatening movement of butt materials.

People who use this method may end up paying higher medical bills as a result of the complicated effect. So most cosmetic surgeons and specialists advise people to opt for safer methods no matter how expensive they may seem.

Butt Implant

For those who want to go with a bolder procedure, butt implant is your best bet. It starts with a silicone implant inserted underneath the fatty layer or muscle layer. This makes the butt rounder, fuller and more attractive. There are several advantages to this procedure:

  • It has long-lasting results: One of the major benefits of a butt implant is its durability. Unlike the traditional butt lift or fat injections where the fat can be reabsorbed into the body, butt implants usually have last for a very long time. A regular check-up routine is advised though.
  • It has very low chances of rupturing: It is agreeable that implants from past years were not well designed and put in place, but advancements in technology have ensured that cosmetic surgeons use long-lasting-semi-solid silicone gel that has a very low risk of rupture.
  • Any healthy person can partake in this: This is not a selective procedure. Individuals of all sizes and shapes can get a butt implant as long as they are healthy. Excess fat is not needed in this.

There is no pro without a con:

  • Takes longer recovery time: The patients may experience temporal swelling that may last for as long as four to six weeks before they can even resume their day-to-day activities like exercise, house chores, driving and even sitting.
  • It includes massive pain: This is a surgical procedure, and it involves massive pain like all surgical procedures do, so for those that opt for it, get ready for the pain that comes with the insertion of objects with high movements in very tender areas!
  • A non-natural feel: using Butt implants gives the patient an unnatural feel after the procedure is done. Plus they stand a high risk of getting infected.

The Brazillian Butt Lift

This effective butt list procedure is used to move fat from different parts of your body to your butt to give it the desired look and shape. It is a special fat transfer procedure that doesn’t make use of implants. The excess fat can be removed from the abdomen, hips, lower back, thighs etc. and placed carefully in the rear. And no, it is not meant for Brazilians only!

A brief history about this Butt Lift procedure

The pioneer of this procedure was a Brazilian doctor (see where the name pops up from, right?), Dr Ivo Pitanguy. He was, until his death in 2016 at the age of 90, an internationally acclaimed cosmetic surgeon that believed in enhancing people’s appearance to help them feel good about themselves and reach a higher potential. Butt lifts have become so popular that in 2015 alone, over 320,000 butt lift surgeries were performed, and Brazilian butt lifts were the most done.


The Brazilian butt lift basically involves three major steps:

  • Using liposuction, fat is removed from the thighs, hips, abdomen, lower back and other areas where fat needs to be removed.
  • The removed fat is then purified with some special equipment and prepared for transfer
  • Thereafter, the cosmetic surgeon takes the fat and injects the fat at strategic areas of the buttocks to enhance the look and quality.

This surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, using anaesthesia or intravenous sedation. It is quite common for some part of the buttocks to not take in fat, so the cosmetic doctor should put that in mind and increase the amount of injected fat a little bit to balance it up and achieve the desired results.

As usual, there are pros:

  • It gives a more natural look: Compared to the traditional butt lift method, the illegal fat injections and the butt implants, the Brazilian butt lift gives a more natural look after the procedure is done due to the fat transfer.
  • Low chance of fat rejection: Although it is possible for parts of your buttocks to reject fat, it is very unlikely for those parts to reject fat produced by your own body. Because of this, the chances of getting infected are lessened.
  • Healthy loss of fat: Since the fats are taken from the body and placed in the butt, you not only have a fuller, firmer and rounder butt but also a slimmer flank, waistline and thigh, something that ladies around the world spend a lot of time achieving.

And there are cons:

  • You have to avoid sitting for a long time: If you have a job that includes sitting down for a long period of time and may not give you as much time as two weeks off, then it is best you avoid this procedure. You may not be allowed to put pressure on the gluteal region for a few weeks.
  • You may experience swelling: Swelling is a common aftermath of most surgical procedures, and this is no different. The swelling usually occurs around the buttocks and the abdominal region. Major swelling may last for about two weeks and may start to decrease with time.
  • Bruises: This is another common aftermath of most surgical procedures. There will be major bruises for about two weeks, following a slight discolouration of the abdomen and butt. One way you can deal with this is to walk around every day during the recovery period. Not only does this help with recovery, but it prevents the formation of blood clots and enhances blood circulation.
  • Lumps or bumps: some lumps and bumps may occur after the liposuction, although it tends to heal on its own. You can also expedite the healing process with proper recovery techniques and medications.
  • Minor scar: This usually results from the liposuctions. Although scarring after surgery is one reality that many people would not want to face, it is very minor and should not bring problems. The patient is allowed to wear undergarments, tops, bathing suits and anything that will make him/her feel good about his/her body without being too self-conscious.
  • Slight numbness: Numbness may occur as a result of the liposuction around the affected areas. Some may even experience a tingling sensation due to the fact that some nerve tissues may be affected. However, this is a very temporal effect and will wear out after some time. The healing process can also be aided with proper rest.

Recovery after Butt Lift procedure

Because of the sensitive nature of this surgery, severe modifications have to be made after the procedure is done. While the pain is easily controlled by medications, you will need to go on a serious downtime. You may not be allowed to sit or lie down flat on your buttocks for about two weeks to avoid complications. You will only have to sleep on your side or stomach and for all other activities except when using the toilet for this period.

When that it is done, the cosmetic surgeon may then allow you to sit with support, that is, sit in a sort of modified position. You can either sit with a pillow under your thighs or on a ‘doughnut’ seat to avoid excessive pressure on the butt. Normal sitting activities can resume in about 8 weeks or so, depending on how fast you heal. You may be allowed to resume work or light activities in about 10 to 14 days on the condition that you would not jeopardize the procedure in any way.

Life after Butt Lift Recovery

The effects of the Brazilian butt lift surgery is designed to last for a very long time. The fat cells transferred to the buttocks will not remain there for years to come and those removed with liposuction will not return to the area.


This butt lift technique is very selective and works well with people that have a substantial amount of weight. Even though it may not pose any risk, ensure you maintain your weight as any slight fluctuation can result in severe complications. You will usually see the full results after six to eight months after the swelling, bruises and numbness must have healed.

PS: As it was stated earlier, this is a very selective butt implant that requires people with an adequate amount of fats in their body. If there are no excess fats in other areas, you should probably not opt for this technique. Also, if your health is not stable, that is, you have some health complications such as diabetes, heart diseases or even depression (as this technique works with your state of mind as well), it is advisable that you have a rethink. This is why it very important that you choose a qualified cosmetic surgeon for this procedure, as he/she will determine the design and outlook at the end of the day.