Eyelid surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that is done in order to remove excess skin or fat from the eyelids of the human being. It is normally called Blepharoplasty which is a plastic surgery operation. It is also used to modify the region where the eye is on the human face. The procedure of eyelid surgery involves the removal of excess tissues and fat and also the muscle and tendon tissues reinforcement.

The procedure is very common among women and because it resolves both cosmetic and functional problems in the area from the eyebrow to the upper cheek.

In the eyelid surgical procedure, the major goals are to totally restore affected eyelids to correct the functioning and aesthetics of the eye region of the face. This is achieved by the elimination of excess skin in the eyelids and the smoothing of the underlying eye muscles, the tightening of the supporting structure in an attempt to produce a smooth transition of the eye region.

The eyelid surgery procedure is performed through incisions made externally along the natural creases of the upper and lower eyelids which creases and then goes to hide the scars from public view, especially when the creases below the eyelid is affected.

A typical eyelid surgical operation usually takes between 1-3 hours to go through. After the operation, swelling and bruising normally exists due to the surgery but it is known to subside within 2 weeks. However, the permanent results of the eyelid surgical operation will become pronounced after several months. After the operation, a type of stitch called a canthopexy stitch and it is placed very close to the outer corner of the lower eyelid. This stitch allows the eyelid’s position to be fixed while going through the healing process. The canthopexy stitch is then dissolved completely after 6 weeks of use. The result achieved after the eyelid surgery is affected by the quality of the patient’s skin, the age, the general condition of the tissues and the condition of the eyelids. The medical complications associated with the procedure is associated with factors like Dry-eye syndrome, skin laxity, and prominent eyeball. There are several eyelid surgical procedures which are commonly known as blepharoplasty procedures which we are going to highlight in this article.

  • Oriental Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery

This procedure is very different from regular blepharoplasty or eyelid surgical procedure. The major aim of this procedure is to create a double eyelid in younger patients and to modify the skin in the eyelid skin. In this procedure, the skin around the ye is restructured and the purpose is to create a double eyelid from the single eyelid on the upper eyelid. This process is common among Asians that’s why it has been given the name East Asian blepharoplasty. Several methods are used to build up the double eyelids. In Taiwan, South Korea, and other Asian countries, this procedure has been said to be the most common methods for aesthetics. However, this method has posed a great risk and complications among the patients except it is performed by an expert level surgeon. Over the year, this procedure has been a subject of controversy especially among people in the United States and other parts of America. They claim that this procedure is copied from white standards. However, these Asians believe that these double eyelids give them a stronger appearance. In China, the youth patronize these procedures because they believe that it will lengthen their job prospects.

  • Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is defined as the operation on the lower part of the eyelid from the inner part of the eye. It is described as a gentle, safe and accurate process for the rejuvenation of your eyelid. The Transconjunctival approach offers several aesthetic features for individuals that are contemplating eyelid surgery and it also offers long term advantages when compared to traditional techniques. A transconjunctival procedure permits the adipose tissue to be cut off and removed without leaving a single scar. This, however, does not allow the removal of excess eyelid skin.

This procedure is used for lower eyelid surgeries. For a patient with very good skin elasticity, this transconjunctival blepharoplasty is the best procedure needed to remove these eyelids. The transconjunctival approach is the very key component to approach functional eyelid surgery and aesthetics. This method is the best for deep player fat manipulation, such as fat removal. There are other surgical methods that work well with trans conjunctival eyelid surgery. These methods include: volume enhancing upper eyelid surgeries, canthopexy, and hollowness treatment.

  • Laser Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery

In Laser blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, it is the performance of eyelid surgery with a laser instead of a scalpel. Laser eyelid surgery is often combined with laser eyelid rejuvenation as the procedures can be performed together. The surgical laser used in this process is CO2 because the cutting process and the hemostasis is achieved by radiation. It is the procedure that uses a laser to correct several deformities around the eye. In most cases, this procedure is used for cosmetic purposes but however, in some cases, these processes are used for medical purposes and the results are very long lasting. There are two types of laser surgeries which are upper eyelid laser surgery and lower eyelid laser surgery.

The upper eyelid surgery is done in order to reduce the appearance of heavy eyelids. In this case, lasers are used to make incisions to gain access for removal.

The lower eyelid surgery, however, is a procedure that is used to reduces the puffiness and bag beneath the eyes. Lasers are also used to make incisions and they are very good because they minimize bleeding, they reduce the risk of scarring, gives you less discomfort and makes you have faster recovery time.

So far, we have looked at the various ways by which we can use these several procedures. Eyelid surgeries are very important as a means of increasing our overall aesthetics. Eyelid surgeries are great, especially among women. But on its own, they can come with a lot of benefits that could be very detrimental to the health of the individual. So far, there are several pros and cons of eyelid surgery procedure and we are going to highlight these pros and the cons individually.


  • The eyelid surgery has the ability to wipe out the excessive puffiness around the eyes and removes all the lines that are present in the outer edges of the eye. This eyelid surgery helps a great deal in reducing these eye bags around the lower eyelid and around also helps remove excessive hooded skin around the lower eyelid. For younger patients, these removals come in very necessary to increase facial aesthetics and overall facial health and it is advised to consult a professional health expert whenever you decide to embark on this surgical journey.
  • This procedure helps you look younger. It is because there are excessive eye bags in your eye generally makes you look always tired and very old. That’s why most individuals settle for this process because it enables them to look younger and healthier because it also promotes eye health. So far, there are several means by which these procedures can be very vital to your overall eye health. This procedure is very safe, very precise and gets the job done. Young and middle-aged people, especially around east Asia have spoken very highly of the procedure for the fact that it makes them look younger and they highly recommend it.
  • Eyelid surgery is very effective curing certain problems of vision medically. Whenever someone with slight vision problems the process of eyelid surgery can be one of the most important means by which the individual can be cured effectively. It is very important to note that although the eyelid surgical process is greatly used to cosmetic and aesthetic purposes, the procedure also has great applications in the medical field for corrective purposes. These medical uses of the eyelid surgery include resolution of the loss of peripheral vision which had been caused by the slackness of the upper eyelid. When this is not taken care of using eyelid surgical techniques, the individual may end up having difficulty in very simple activities such as reading a book or driving a car.
  • Any scar gotten through the process of eyelid surgery is very unnoticeable because they are effectively hidden in the creases of the eyelid. This is a very important feature for the eyelid surgical process because not everyone that goes in for this surgery or any type of eye-related surgery would want to come out with funny looking scar up in your face. In this procedure, the scars are hidden very well that it can barely be noticed except with the proper and careful examination by a third party. Individuals can walk around with confidence without being afraid that these scars will alter their facial appearance.
  • It gives good comfort to the forehead. This is possible because it effectively eases the tension in the brow muscles in order to allow the individuals to effectively lift up their eyes to see the things that are around them. It may be painful along the surgical process but over time, the pain ceases to exist gradually.


  • The results of the eyelid surgery are very slow and they take a lot of time to show. After the surgical process, your eyes will be bruised and will be very itchy. It may take a very long time for the effects of the surgery to kick in and in most cases, it may not even kick in at all. This, however, is not a very good thing because it is expected that the results of the surgical process should be able to take immediate effect on the eyelids of the individual
  • There can be a lot of bruising after the eyelid surgery if the job was not done properly by the best hands in the business. This could lead to the visibility of the asymmetry of the eye which may be very dangerous to behold. This could further lead to more and more complications on the eyelid. As an individual, whenever you want to go for this surgery, you have to make sure that you are worked on by a professional in the business so that you will avoid ending up with bruised eyes which may eventually lead to eye loss.
  • Most individuals are greatly afraid of surgery especially when it comes to matters concerning the eyes. In this eyelid surgical process, it greatly involves going under a knife which comes with problems on its own. However, if you use the services of a great surgeon, great care will be given to you during the surgical process. It is advised that you and the surgical professional embarks on the process with great care and you will see that the potential risks involved in this process are very low.
  • Most times these eyelid surgical process may lead to blindness and temporary double vision. This, however, may occur during the first few months after the surgical process and it can be very dangerous and detrimental. It is very important to note that the great part about these is that after several months, the effect seems to die down. But the problem with this is that several months is a very long time for this to happen.
  • In very rare cases, you may need to go back and repeat the process over time especially after a few years. It is because, as the years go by, your eyebrows will certainly drop and you will have a lot of creases laying in your forehead. This process, however, supposed to be regarded as a permanent process, but it is not. Over time, you’ll still need to go under the knife some more.


Eyelid surgery is very important and over the years, it has served as a very good cosmetic and medical approach especially for women to fix the eyes and its surroundings properly.