Neck fat is an additional lump of flesh that is under the neck’s skin, it is not a growth, it is just a normal fat that comes in every other part of our body but this one happens to be found in some distance from the chin and the gullet, it is in the region between the chin and the gullet. It is also known as “turkey neck” in some places, but what causes this neck fat, is it genetically transferred, or it is as a result of our health behavior?

Causes of neck fat

Here are some few causes of neck fat

Obesity: People with obesity or people that have fat in their body tend to have the neck fat, a whopping 80% of fat people have neck fat. It generally comes with obesity also.

Medical Issues: People that suffer from medical abnormalities such as Cushing’s Syndrome which is a hormonal disorder tends to be obese and this will result in neck fat in them.

Age: When one becomes old, the skin becomes weak and starts sagging and this sag can result in neck fat.

Cardiovascular conditions: This disorder comes from abnormal heart conditions and it can lead to neck fat.

The good news is that one can get rid of neck fat by following properly some few procedures, these procedures are subdivisions of the different methods of getting rid of neck fats.

  • Diet
  • Exercises
  • Surgical operation

The surgical operation is the fastest way to get neck fat off your neck but it is the last resort after every other method might have failed which is not possible. Let’s carefully study the different methods we can apply to reduce neck fat one after the other.


Getting rid of neck fat through diet means one has to control what they eat, meaning there are some things you eat and others you do not have to eat in order to chase away the neck fat. There are some diet habit you have to maintain in order to cut down fat and lose weight generally since you can’t just suppress the fat on your neck alone without getting to reduce the fat in the other parts of the body, these habits are;

  • Cut down daily calorie consumption

Reducing the level of calories you consume daily is one of the best ways to cut down fat generally. If your daily calorie consumption is reduced by 500 calories and you continue in this manner for one week, you have practically lost a pound of weight. Be careful while trying to cut down the calorie intake because if it is overdone it may lead to a deficiency in nutrition. The best way to go about this is by getting a food journal app. This app will guide you by calculating for you the total number of calories been consumed daily.

  • Add vegetables and fruits to your diet

The quantity of calories in vegetables and fruits is naturally low and vegetables and fruits contain more fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Having a daily consumption of fruits and vegetables can help you cut down fat very quickly.

  • Consume healthier carbohydrates

When consuming carbohydrates, whole grains should be picked over refined grain because whole grains content has more of fiber and vitamins than that of the refined grains, the whole grains contain endosperms and germ. Whole grain foods you can consume are brown rice, barley, hundred percent wheat bread. One of the major benefits of consuming whole fiber is that they stay longer in the body because they are difficult to digest, so it keeps you full for a long period of time, making you not consume more food and as it stays long in the body it gives the body extra time to absorb the nutrients in the fiber.

Consume more of lean protein

Lean protein is very important for weight loss, the amount of it to be consumed is dependent on your weight and the activities you engage yourself in. Just like fibrous carbohydrates, lean protein keeps you filled for a very long time, but it works better than carbohydrates, some examples of lean proteins are seafood, tofu, eggs, legumes etc.

Cultivate water drinking habit

Water enables the body function properly and when one is always hydrated, the chance of having a slacked skin is very slim. A good water drinking habit means you have to consume two liters or three liters of water daily, the water consumption level is totally different amongst individuals and the level of water consumed is dependent on the individual’s weight, the gender and activities of the individual. Individuals that engage in more activities consume more water. Instead of drinking sweet soda you can take water and some other unsweetened beverages since sweet drinks contain more calories.

Water can generally help you minimize your appetite for food, no one is asking you to starve yourself but there are times when you feel hungry it’s just thirst, the thirst of both can be confusing sometimes, so take a little water before concluding that you are truly hungry.

There are special recipes that can help reduce the neck fat when consumed and they are aloe vera, carrot, coconut oil, melon, green tea, lemon juice, flaxseeds, red bell pepper.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera helps to transform the fats and carbohydrates in the human body into energy as against storing. Aloe Vera also helps to increase the rate of body metabolism by enhancing the production of collagen, all this process can help you lose weight, here is how to use the Aloe Vera

  • Drink one cup at minimum and two cups at most of the aloe juice daily.

Green Tea: The content of green tea is caffeine and catechins, catechins are generally polyphenols with high antioxidants. The green tea is known to promote weight loss because of its content. How is the green tea used?

  • Get just a teaspoon of green tea into a cup of water, simmer for not more than five minutes, add honey as soon as it gets cold and drinks. Repeat this procedure at least three times a day and at most four times a day.

Melon: melons can help you reduce by some few kilos because of their content, it is rich in vitamins and low on fat and calories. Here is how to take melon.

  • You can either eat freshly cut melons or make juice out of them and drink two to three glasses of the melon juice every day.

Coconut oil: Consuming coconut oil is one of the essential ways to lose a great deal of fat because of it’s content, coconut oil contains a fatty acid that helps to increase the speed of metabolism in the human body, how does it work.

  • Drink just one tablespoon of coconut oil daily and use it to massage the neck area.

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice contains vitamin c and this makes it an antioxidant, that aids the body metabolism and also help you burn fat. This is a nice pick for fat burning, but how does it work?

  • Get a half lemon and squeeze it into a glass of water, add honey to spice and drink on an empty stomach every morning, this method is very effective, you should try it.

Red bells peppers:  Red bells peppers are also known just like the lemon fruit to also be rich in vitamin c, so it also enhances body metabolism and takes down fat. The process of utilizing it is very simple.

  • Consume at least half red bell pepper daily, you can either add it to your salad or any other meal. This should be done every day.

Flaxseeds: Looking for omega-3 fatty acids? Flaxseeds are known to contain a  great amount of omega-3 fatty acids which helps to reduce one’s body weight and speeds up body metabolism. This is how you use the recipe

  • Get a tablespoon of powdered flaxseed into a glass of warm water and mix up with honey and drink. This should be done on daily basis for a better result.

Carrot: Carrots are fibrous in nature and they contain vitamin A, the fibrous nature of carrot makes it take longer for it to digest in the body, this keeps you filled and helps you cut down fat. This is the normal procedure we all use.

  • Get two or three carrots, you can either eat them like that or chop them into smaller piece and add them to your meals. Juice can also be made out of carrot which is called carrot juice, the carrot should be eaten or the juice drank on daily basis.

Sunflower seeds: The seed of sunflower burns fat drastically and at the same time fight against radicals because the sunflower seed contain vitamin E and B. This one is quite easy to carry out

  • Consume one tablespoon of sunflower seeds every day, the raw seed.

The items mentioned above are to be consumed to help you cut down your fat generally and this includes neck fat, but there are also food items you should not consume because consuming them and also try to fix your fat with the items mentioned will become a fruitless effort. Here are the food items you should not consume;

  • Frozen and packaged food are saturated fat and they add no nutritional benefit to your body.
  • Sugar is just calories, avoid it.
  • Avoid processed food.


Exercises are a great way to burn body fat, but most persons consider it stressful when your gym instructor tries to stress you to get the best out of your muscles if you can not take exercises to the extreme the focus more attention on your diet and do the regular exercises. The exercises we are going to discuss in this article are those that will help you get rid of neck fat, these exercises include;

  • Chin Lift
  • Blowing Air
  • Jaw Release
  • Fish Face
  • Lips Pull
  • Cardio

Chin Lift: This is done to help tone the muscles that are located in the throat, next and the jaw. The process involves lifting your head a bit to make it adjacent to the ceiling and remaining that way for ten to fifteen seconds tops.

Blowing Air: This exercise is done to put the muscles of the neck and the muscles of the face to work, the process involves one sliding the head back with the face looking to the sky then blowing out some air through the mouth and hold for ten seconds.

Jaw Release: This exercise requires you to act as if you are chewing but your jaw has to be opened till the extreme end, this will give you a sleek jawline and will reduce the fats around your neck.

Fish Face: This exercise requires you to drag your lips and cheeks inward by sucking them in and maintaining that position for about five to ten seconds. This exercises the muscles of the face and that of the neck.

Lips Pull: This exercise has to do with lifting up the lower lips and pulling out the lower jaw. This also works for the muscles of the face and reduces neck fat.

Cardio: Exercises are a sure way of getting fats out of the body, running, jogging, skipping etc are exercises that would get your heart pumping fast and in the process, fat is being burnt.

Surgical operations

Surgical operations on neck fat should be the last option of them all, there are different ways of getting neck fat out medically, they are Botox, neck lifts, liposuction, and laser treatments.

In order for you to get the best in trying to medically remove neck fat, consult a dermatologist for advice and guide on what will best suit you.