As humans, we are wired differently, and these distinctions define our physical properties, for instance, face, shape, and hair. While some people have thick and full hair, some of us just have to make do with what we’ve got – even though we all crave for the good stuff. Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with wearing sparse hair – you can wear your hair thin, and it won’t change a thing. Odds are, you are here because you want to increase the thickness and fullness of your hair.

Almost anywhere you look these days; you’ll find someone experimenting with different chemicals and DIY remedies on their hair to make it thicker and fuller. While there is nothing wrong with wanting a thicker and fuller hair, trying too many things on your hair may worsen the case.

There are a ton of DIY remedies on the web, and they run from the absolutely virtuoso to the, uh, absolutely strange. We certainly get it—with regards to achieving our desired outcomes, we’re often eager to try all the home-made remedies we can lay our hands on, and for this reason, we’ve chosen to kick all the garbage to the curb and tell you how to do it. What’s more, we would be telling you how to do it naturally.

While there are numerous products on the web today that are touted as ultimate hair boosters for people that want thicker and fuller hair, only a handful of them do what they say. The numerous others are just junk and trust me the junks outweighs the good stuff by a wide margin. For now, let’s talk about your hair, why you don’t have thick hair, and more importantly the things you can do to enjoy thicker and fuller hair.

For what reason do a few people have thicker hair than others?

Here’s one thing you need to know about thick hair – it’s not about the hair itself; it’s all about the gathering of hair follicles in a particular zone. As a matter of fact, the primary distinction between thick and sparse hair is the density. Thickness is dictated by the number of hair strands in a particular area on the scalp. However, what we’re discussing and intrigued by is the thickness of every one of the hair strand. The density of each strand and the density of the hair follicles can influence the density of the hair, as well.

What gives individuals varied hair thickness? The answer is genes! The genes you inherit from your parents play a noteworthy role in the density of your hair. People that originate from the Eastern part of Asia have denser hair strands than different populaces in the world, and I’ll bet my last buck that their genetic wirings are the reason. Your genetic make-up dictates all your physical characteristics, for example,

  •    The color of your eyes
  •    The color of your skin
  •    The size and shape of your Nose
  •    The color and type of your hair.

Beside hereditary qualities, what causes scant hair?

  • too much styling and shading of your hair

Styling products that require heat to function and dye-loaded shading agents can lessen the strength of your hair strands and make them weak. On the off chance that you can stand to, enjoy a reprieve from shading your hair and maintain a strategic distance from your styling items. Choose a sans sulfate hair cleanser and conditioner that will clean your hair properly and give it a thorough wash down, as well. What’s more, you can use oils and creams that will nurse your hair with the right sorts of nutrients.

  • Stress

Constant worry and injury can directly affect hair development. The expression for stun related male pattern baldness is telogen emanation – a physical reaction to the effect of constant worry on the body and psyche. It may take some time for the symptoms to show in some cases, yet it can take as long as a half year to fix. The most ideal approach to counter this is to maintain good hygiene and take proper care of yourself. A lot of rest and an eating regimen rich in vitamin B and stuffed with whole grains, proteins, and verdant greens will back off the rate of hair loss.

  • Hormonal changes

Vicissitudes in wellbeing can directly affect your hair’s density and volume. Discrepancies in hormones – especially when your thyroid is not balanced- can affect your weight, skin as well as your hair. Numerous ladies experience an adjustment in their hair’s uniformity amid the prenatal period. On the off chance that you have experienced a sensational change in the density of your hair in recent times, you might want to consult your physician.

Would you be able to get thicker hair?

Things being what they are, the secret to thicker hair is animating and supporting normal hair development. While it may not increase the volume all of a sudden, ensuring your hair strands are solid (and developing) is an extraordinary method to enhance the density of your hair. However, note that male pattern baldness can be brought about by various issues, so what is appropriate for one individual probably won’t work for you.

What you need to do to improve the thickness of your hair

  • Plan your meals

The good news for today is that you can improve the thickness of your hair without spending a dime on hair boosters or chemicals that are intended for hair growth. If you are a foodie – congrats – you are probably eating a lot of sweet and delicious meals, however, are they packed with the right nutrients? The food you eat every day can make or mar your health if you don’t watch it. While hereditary qualities decide hair appearance and twist, our eating routine assumes a job in how these qualities are articulated. So you need to make it a habit to consume foods that are rich with good fats and quality proteins. Generally, you can improve the thickness of your hair by consuming foods that are packed full with omega 3, for instance, greens, nuts, avocados. You can also get these nutrients in organic supplements. Moreover, there are several food supplements out there that are packed with the right nutrients for enhancing hair growth and hair thickness.

  • Keep your hair sound and hydrated

Castor oil is an incredible organic solution for your hair, and it can give your hair a nice sheen. Take a stab at utilizing it as a profound molding veil, rubbing the castor oil into the roots of your hair and at that point covering it for 1 or 2 hours. From that point onward, you’ll need to cleanse and condition your hair in light of the fact that a lot of oil can leave your hair limp and oily.

Backrub your scalp and consider stirring up your very own home-made mixture utilizing the oils from grape seed and bananas. You would then be able to put the mixture on your hair. The former contains that can improve the density of your hair while the latter contains Vitamin-B as well as potassium which secures the hair shaft and counteracts split ends. This mix animates the circulation of blood in the scalp and secures the hair fibers, bringing about longer, denser, more advantageous hair. For immediate results, make it a habit to use moisturizers that have coconut oil as their main ingredients. This particular oil is renowned for its effectiveness as a hair booster. In light of this fact, it is often used in many hair creams, hair conditioners and other products that are intended for hair enhancement or growth.

  • Take good care of your scalp

Like they say; if you want to tackle a problem properly, you need to tackle it from the roots. When it comes to improving the thickness and volume of your hair, there is no better place to start than the scalp that house the hair strands. So when we say, start from the roots, you get where we are going. Your scalp is like an island, and its occupants are the numerous microorganisms, bacterial and fungi needed for keeping up the health of your hair. What this implies is that you need to treat this island and its occupants with great care. How do you accomplish this? You maintain good hygiene on your scalp. When you take good care of your scalp and nourish it with nutrients, the health of the hair on your scalp will improve. In the event that you don’t treat your scalp with good stuff (cleanser, conditioner, moisturizers, and oils) it will become weak and thin. Harsh chemicals are bad for your scalp and its occupants while chemicals that are too mild may not do justice to the cleansing of your hair. It is recommended that when you want to get your hair cleansers, you go for products that are not too harsh or mild (somewhere in the middle).

  • Brush your hair regularly

Talk about the cheapest way to enjoy thicker and fuller hair, even cheaper than doing it with your diet. Most people fail to appreciate the power of a brush and if you have ever undermined the power of a brush now is the perfect time to have a rethink. Do you know that by brushing your hair regularly, you can increase its density? If you didn’t know that before, well, now you know. By brushing your hair, you circulate the natural oils on your scalp to every nook and craning of the entirety of your hair. What’s more, by doing this consistently you can guard your hair against damage and improve its thickness as well as its shine. You can use any brush on your hair, but for optimal results, you have to use a brush that will distribute these oils even across your scalp.

  • Take supplements

Like we said earlier (when we talked about why people have different hair thickness), variation in health can cause hair loss. Also, the food we eat can do a lot for our hair. However, the nutrients you need may not be concentrated enough in the food you eat, and for this reason, you need to take supplements. Supplements are synthesized substances that encompass nutrients in high concentrations, what’s more, these supplements come in the form of pills, and they have little or no side effects, which makes them perfect for everybody. There are no limitations to the number of supplement you can take per day, but it is imperative that you use it wisely, in light of the fact that it is synthesized.  For the sake of our discussion, we only talk about its usefulness in the enhancement and thickening of hair. Supplements contain the normal nutrients and vitamins that you can find in food but in a more concentrated form. For instance, the amount of vitamin C you can get from 10 oranges may be the equivalent of the amount of vitamin C you get in one pill of supplement. This means that you can save yourself from the hassle associated with planning your diet and still enjoy the benefits associated with proper diets through your supplements.


If you are looking for how to improve your hair thickness overnight, the points listed above won’t help you, but if you stay committed to these ways, you’ll see how your hair will transform within a short while. But for the main time, you can fake the thickness of your hair, and make people believe your hair is thick whereas it is not. How do you accomplish this?  Through styling. The way you style your hair can make people believe you have thick hair. For instance, if you brush your hair in such a way that the hair strands lie on top of each other, your hair will look denser because the strands are in one place. On the other hand, if brush your hair in such a way that every strand stands alone, your hair will look sparse. You can also color your scalp to make your hair appear as if it is thick.