Whether you need a nose job, chin augmentation, jaw reduction, forehead augmentation, double eyelid, or whatever part of your face you want to change, plastic surgery is here for you. The number of plastic surgery cases all around the world keeps rising in their millions and the number of medical cosmetic centres keeps increasing, all in a bid to improve human appearance.

However, Korea has carved its name in the sands of time as the headquarters for plastic surgeries in the world. It has been deeply integrated into daily Korean life. From advertisements in bus and train station showing the benefits of different procedures or plastic surgery in general, TV shows highly emphasizing on the importance of it to improve looks and cheat the ageing process, job applicants undergoing it to increase the chances of getting a job, especially the females to even parents giving it as a gift to their kids when they turn legal or even pass an examination. Crazy, right?

The Korean plastic surgery market is massive. They have capitalized on the fact that many people are unhappy with the way they look, and who would blame them? They provide some of the best services as many people from all over the world fly into Korea to get cosmetic surgeries. Reports have even said that it is impossible to walk on the streets of South Korea, especially Seoul and not see a plastic surgery advertisement poster on the wall- even ten.

There are over 1400 core plastic surgery clinics in Korea, minus the ones that offer it amongst over it, and profits made from plastic surgery tourist almost in the country was almost 107 million dollars. How crazy could that get?

Let’s take a look at the plastic surgery procedures that Korean cosmetic surgeons are loved for in no particular order, shall we?

  • Double eyelid surgery: Also known as Blepharoplasty, this is one of the most popular and sought after cosmetic surgeries in Korea, and perfect for those who have thin and monolid eyes both in men and women. Millions of people troop in for this surgery, especially young people of about 15 to 28 years of age and accounts for almost 15% of the cosmetic surgeries done in Korea. It is most surprising that many parents are accepting the role double eyelid surgery can play in their child’s life, and they encourage their kids to have it. Sources have even said that it is so common, it is not usually referred to as surgery anymore.

So what is it, really?

It is a plastic surgery that not only aesthetically enhances the eye region and makes the eyes fuller and brighter, but also corrects deformities, disfigurations and defects that associates with the eyelids. It includes the removal and repositioning of excess tissues and reinforces the muscle and tendon tissues.

The process of blepharoplasty takes care of cosmetic and functional issues of the periorbita, which is from the upper area of the cheek to the eyebrow.

  • Rhinoplasty: This is also referred to as a nose job and is used in creating attractive nose bridges. The nose is a very important feature on the face that can ultimately affect the way our looks are. That is why Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures done in Korea. This procedure is done for two basics reasons-cosmetic and medical. The cosmetic reason is to enhance the appearance of the face, while the medical reason can be used to correct nose complications such as improper breathing, nose disfiguration due to accidents and injuries, or even birth defects.

To get a nose job, you have to first determine whether you want it or not, and why. You must understand that a perfect nose does not exist. What surgery does is to enhance the appearance. Make sure you consult with a qualified surgeon and discuss your fears and worries so that he/she will ascertain whether your wish can be achieved before you sign the consent form.

Then the surgeon starts by inducing you with either local or general anaesthesia. Local anaesthesia only makes your nose numb so you would not feel any pain, while general anaesthesia will make you sleep all through the operation. Then he/she cuts the nostrils or across the base of the nose if the case is too difficult. Thereafter the cartilage and inner bone are reshaped to give a better appearance.

  • Chin augmentation: No one wants sloppy and saggy chins. An upright chin always gives people a confident appearance, which is why the chin augmentation procedure is heavily practised in Korea. It is perfect for those who feel that their chins are not placed in proportion to their face or those who have recessed, pointed, or squared chins, and is very popular among celebrities. This procedure can be done by chin implants or chin reduction surgeries (for those that want their chin trimmed and proportional)

There are so many facial benefits that come with this technique. It balances the look of your nose and defines your jaw. Most cosmetic surgeons do chin augmentation alongside Rhinoplasty. Before you opt for this surgery, ensure that you are in good health and have realistic expectations for the outcome. Do not proceed for it if you have are hypertensive or prone to cardiac problems. Also, do not take any medication that can cause keloid scarring or affect the growth of your bones, like Accutane or take anticoagulants. This procedure is done on an outpatient basis and typically last for 45 minutes to one hour.

The cosmetic surgeon then inserts an implant to aid the existing bone at the front of the jaw. Then he/she now checks the alignment of the chin with the face and modifies the implant to achieve the desired results. When that is done, the implant is sutured and you’ll have the look you desire. Usually, sutures in and outside the mouth dissolve after ten days.

Due to advanced technological processes, complications rarely occur. Since it is a surgical procedure, several effects such as swelling, bruising and numbness may likely happen. The chin implant may be displaced with time and it will require a second surgical operation to put it in place. Infections may also occur but it can be controlled with antibiotics.

  • Hair transplant: Although hair loss is not a common phenomenon amongst Koreans, you will be amazed at the number of medical tourists that come to Korea yearly for hair transplant procedures. Hair transplant is perfect for those who have grown bald or have thinly laid hair. It involves mainly two procedures- Strip harvesting and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). Strip harvesting works better with persons that want cost-effective methods. It involves transplanting cluster of hair grafts from the donor areas to the bald areas. Not only does it involve less money, but it also offers recovery in no time. However, if the thought of scars terrifies you, then it is best you avoid this because it lives a long linear scar after the procedure is done.

For the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), it involves transplanting follicular hair units to bald areas without stitches. This method is perfect for those who cannot stand the pain of stitches. Although it costs a lot of money and consumes time both for the patient and doctor, it is a method that leaves your hair feeling and looking natural. Also, it enables the doctor to transfer a lot of grafts at the same time, unlike strip harvesting.

The patient may experience the aftermath effects that are common with most surgical procedures, such as a massive headache (especially in strip harvesting), numbness, bruising and swelling. You also have to note that every bald hair cannot be fixed with a hair transplant. You just have to go with what the qualified cosmetic surgeon recommends.

  • Breast augmentation: Have you ever been around a group of ladies, and they talk about a boob job? You know what I mean…

There is no lady in this world that would not want perky, full and firm breasts. This is why it is a very popular plastic surgery not only in Korea but around the world. It is no wonder that people fly into Korea just for this singular purpose. Full breasts define a woman’s appearance and make her look very attractive. The major aim of breast augmentation is to enhance the size, shape and fullness of the breast. In this procedure, it is very important that you choose your breast augmentation specialist very carefully. Go through your desires and fears with him/her. When you both have reached a solid agreement, the surgeon starts by inserting saline, silicone or other alternative breast implants like soy oil or polypropylene string under the breast tissue or chest muscles.

These implants are reported to last for 7 to 12 years if inserted and handled properly with regular check-up, especially MRI or ultrasound scan to check the state of the implants. This procedure is usually said to enlarge small breasts, restore breast size after weight loss or pregnancy, regain the symmetry of the brain if they have gone out of shape, or restore the shape of the breast after undergoing surgery (this usually applies to people that have suffered from breast cancer).

  • Jaw reduction surgery: If chin augmentation surgeries are popular in Korea, it is no doubt that this one is as they work closely with each other. It’s very important that one gets a well-defined jaw, as it affects everything facially. This is the best option for people who want total facial rejuvenation and restoration for vigour and youthfulness. Most times an enlarged jaw is caused by genetics and overdeveloped jaw (or masseter) muscles, the bulky muscles that aid grinding and chewing of food. Overdeveloped muscles are usually due to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), where the owner gives the jaws a fight from excessive chewing that wears the teeth off. This is very common as people meet with increasing stress every day of their lives.

Again, meet with the cosmetic surgeon and relay your wishes and fears, and it is important that you have realizable outcomes. Thereafter, Botox and Dysport are injected into the jaw to weaken and shrink it.

  • Forehead augmentation: This is for people that are unsatisfied with the shape of their forehead and want to make a change. It is one of the practices that are highly common among Koreans, and as such, they have many skilled surgeons that specialize in this. Usually, forehead augmentation, as the name suggests, tends to make the face prettier and smaller, and removes all forms of wrinkles and spots. People who should take advantage of this treatment are those with very noticeable and prominent brows, foreheads that appear tilted, foreheads with hollow parts and those with flat foreheads that would like more volume to it to give it a richer look.

Basically, there are three types of forehead augmentation techniques- silicone implant insertion, osteobond use and fat transplantation, but it depends on the volume you would want to add to the forehead. The fat transplantation is perfect for those who want to add a small implant to their forehead. The implants are structured a few days to the procedure for the desired effect. Those that lack extreme volume, especially those with hollow parts can opt for the silicone implants. While the osteobond is used to reshape the skull. This particular procedure is permanent since the substance can maintain the position of the skull for many years. All the surgeon has to do is to mould the substance into the desired shape, place it on the patient’s head and wait for the desired effects to take place. Great, isn’t it?


So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! These procedures and a host of others are what makes Korea the world’s headquarters for plastic surgery. So when you think of getting that breast augmentation, double eyelid surgery or that jaw reduction, make a trip to Korea today.