Mummy makeovers. The new name in circulation. The ability to still look good after having children. Now anyone would jump onto that wagon, I’m sure. Mummy makeovers are for mothers who have given birth a long time ago, not mother’s who just had a child just a few weeks or months ago. Irrespective of how much or how bad you want that tummy tuck or a complete makeover, it is advisable not to perform surgery just after giving birth as your body just went through a lot of stress and tissues need to heal before opening up more tissues.

Any doctor who advises you to perform the surgery just fresh from the labor room isn’t a reputable one and you should make sure his license is properly inspected. A good and reputable surgeon would recommend you wait over six months to make sure your body and your abdominal tissues heal and it has regained itself before opening up more scar tissues.

You see celebrities bouncing back in no time about giving birth and you want that so bad. But not all celebrities go through a mommy makeover as each person has a different strategy to achieve just about the same results. They mostly have personal trainers, dietitians and reputable nutritionist who do almost all the planning and strategizing for them, so that way, they also look fit even while pregnant.

Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover

Unfortunately, the average women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat a lot of food they wouldn’t on a norm, irrespective of cravings. This accumulated fat is also there to hunt you after giving birth. Even if you lose some weight, then you would have loose skin and you would require a tummy tuck, a breast lift etc. More people need to realize you can look better or minimize the weight you gain during pregnancy, making you have just about enough to lose without losing your skin elasticity. Also having a little loose skin wouldn’t scar as much when you get a tummy tuck, unlike having a lot. The recovery period is shorter too.

Another reason most celebrities you look up to have  “snatched” bodies, irrespective of how many kids they have is because they breastfeed their kids. Breastfeeding has been known to be a good source of weight loss. You might want to rethink giving your baby formulas instead of breastfeeding to let go of all that baby weight you gained.

Yes, they have trainers as mentioned above who help them get back the body we all know and love, but is that really ever enough?. As we all know, pregnancy definitely alters out bodies, irrespective of who we are, pregnancy hormones take control. This makes us have just enough weight to worry about. If after pregnancy, your body starts coming back to normal, there is always the fact that just won’t stop hanging on. Thankfully, mummy makeover is here for you.

Your body progresses to Tummy expansion, loosening of the skin, stressed muscles to make a suitable place for the new life growing inside of you. Sometimes, even the rectus abdominis could tear. This is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or feel depressed about because I’m sure your children accept you just the way you are and would have you in any form or shape you are in.

The tearing of the rectus abdominis could cause a natural bulge on a mother’s tummy, regardless of her weight and size. This is due to the fact it cannot be compressed due to the failing of these muscles. All these can cause mothers to be very self-conscious of their bodies. You can’t even wear your favorite blouse or go visit the beach or the pool in your favorite bikini. You also feel embarrassed to get intimate and this is generally holding you back in all areas.

The good thing is, Tummy tucks exist and they can fix this problem that even exercising can’t fix. A surgeon would have to stitch back the rectus abdominis, bringing your tummy back to its normal form. Mummy makeovers also cover sagging of breasts due to its loss of fullness when breastfeeding is over. It also covers the labia as it too can be distorted due to childbirth.

Every other thing you should know about Mummy makeovers

Before you go for a mummy makeover, you would first visit your doctor for consultation. There you would explain to him what it is you desire and you would be examined to know if you’re fit for any cosmetic procedure. You can let him know what particular procedure it is you want as having the complete mummy makeover procedure is not necessary. You might want just a tummy tuck, a breast lift or labiaplasty. A good surgeon would give you the proper consultation to ensure the procedure you’re about to get done wouldn’t harm you in any way. He or she would give you the entire options too, In case you might require the full package.  

Here is a list of all mummy makeovers entails

  • Breast lift and/ Breast augmentation:

Due to a lot of contracting and expansion the breasts goes through during and after pregnancy, a breast lift is advisable for mothers over their late 30s. The breast expands and contrasts due to the production of milk, which is normal after the birth of a child. During this process, the breast might be getting fuller and bigger in cup size. Women can go from an A-cup to a B cup, and once the breastfeeding and flow of milk stops, the breast would lose its fullness and start sagging due to loss of elasticity in the skin. This leaves women with saggy and flat breasts and is generally unflattering and would require a breast lift or a breast augmentation. Displacement of the nipple directions could also require a breast lift.

  • Liposuction:

Liposuction is a procedure which entails removing fat from the body using a tube instrument. This procedure can be done when there are lots of fat deposits in the body after pregnancy. They can be used in removing fats around the arms and other parts of the body. Liposuction, however, cannot be done on the abdominal area, though it can be used to remove fat deposits around the hips and thighs area if fat was developed in those places during pregnancy.

  • Tummy Tuck

A Tummy tuck is done by creating an incision just along the bikini line. Then the skin along the abdomen is pulled down to tighten the stomach muscles. A second incision is required if both the upper abdomen requires to be tightened as well. This one goes just close to the navel and all loose skin would be removed, if you have a torn rectus abdominis as well, then it will be fixed.

This is also a chance to fix any incontinence you might be experiencing. The surgeon would help fix it to enable an appropriate flow of urine.

  • Labiaplasty

After childbirth, the labia minora undergoes lots of stress and it is quite a delicate organ, it can stretch and loss quite it’s elasticity too. This can make it generally unappealing and can cause mothers to be very self-conscious of it. This can also make them avoid intimacy of any kind as all they can think of is the labia minora sticking out. It can also make exercising and walking really uncomfortable to bare. But thanks to labiaplasty, the problem can be fixed and you would have a brand new labia minora. The procedures involve a surgeon removing the excess skin and stitching it back together. It might be sore but once it heals, it would regain its functionality and have a brand new look and exercising wouldn’t be such a chore anymore.

Things to check out before booking a mummy makeover session

Before you decide to get any mummy makeover procedures, you would have to wait for 6 to more months after childbirth. In addition to this, you will have to be fit and know the following.

You have to be all-around healthy

You would like to inform your doctor of any health complications you might be experiencing so he would know the next line of action to take. You would also have to let your Surgeon know of any medication you are On.  If it’s one a surgery cannot be done with, then you would have to wait till after the medications are over. You would also have to do a thorough checkup on your body to determine if you’re sound enough for a mummy makeover.

You should  Check your weight

If you want to go for a mummy makeover, you must have an appropriate weight. The fat you gained during pregnancy has to be shed a bit yourself as getting surgery just like that can be quite risky. You should check your weight to make sure you’re not over 25-30 pounds. If you find out that you are, then you can engage in exercising and get a good diet such as the diabetic diet which is a recommended diet for anyone. This should help you lose more weight in preparation for the surgical procedure.

You should check the budget before mommy makeover

On average, a mummy makeover would cost up to $20,000. It’s quite a lump sum of money and you should ensure you can afford it without risking your financial status and jeopardizing the future of your children.

You should be done with childbearing.

Having children just after getting a mummy makeover is not advisable. If you’re considering having kids later on, then you just might want to reconsider. Therefore, before embarking on this journey, you and your significant other (if present) should come together and have a discussion on if you want to call it quits on childbearing. If you have children afterward, it can return your body to its original stretched skin and damaging of muscles which would send you back to where you were before deciding to get your first Mummy Makeover.yes,you might decide to have another reconstructive surgery but it would be more expensive to handle, and you get to re-live the recovery process all over again. Getting another reconstructive surgery can expose your body tissues to more scarring and it might not be as good looking as it was the first time.

How is the mommy makeover recovery procedure?

Recovering process could take a really long time if you’re considering the option of doing a general and complete mummy makeover. One of the hardest things to recover from is definitely the Tummy tuck as it can take quite a long time to recover and this can range from two-three months. The good thing is, you do not have to be bedridden all through this period which excludes the necessary 2-week bed rest. Your surgeon would advise you do not lift heavy objects as it can cause a strain to the stitches which could be objects over 20-25 pounds. Due to the fact patients may have kids to take care of, doctors usually recommend a mini tummy tuck as this can bring you out of bedrest and heal in just a month’s time.

It is also important to know you need to have assistance in basic house duties during the first weeks of your recovery process. This is because you need to be in bed a lot more for you to regain your strength and manage your pain which requires a lot of rest. You would require someone to help you visit the toilet, go to the bathroom, prepare your meals and might even feed you. Your head should also be elevated to enable blood flow and prevent back pains.

One thing you should know too and a very important notice is when you get these procedures done, it wouldn’t look quite appealing at first. It would even look a little swollen and really unattractive but once the healing process is complete. This is caused by inflammation and it is totally normal for the human body. But the results will become very evident after a while and you’d be very pleased with your plastic surgeon’s Job and the decision to get the mummy makeover.