The dental world or your teeth is often faced with many challenges. One such challenge which you are going to face is receding gums. Receding gums simply refers to gum tissues that are gradually wearing away. When the gum tissues wear away, it exposes other parts of the tooth than necessary. Thus, the root of the tooth is exposed as a result.

When the receding gums issue comes, the results would be that there would be gaps or spaces left between the tooth and the line of the gum. This space can easily be filled with bacteria and other organisms that would be harmful to the teeth. Receding gum pains may be severe and may cause a lot of discomfort in the process.

If receding gums are not treated in time, the result can be quite devastating. It can lead to problems with tissues and all bones that support the gum. You would also have issues with your tooth as receding gums would eventually lead to a loss of tooth or teeth. Receding gums causes a lot of issues in the teeth. It usually gets so bad because many people find it hard to identify it. Receding gums symptoms would also vary from one individual to another.

Receding gums how to fix methods can be complex and would require a lot of knowledge to pull off. The first thing you should know however is what causes a gum to recede?

Causes of Receding Gums

Receding gums can be caused by a number of factors. These factors are things which we know and take them lightly. Here are some of them;


While brushing is encouraged by most dental association, brushing your tooth too hard may also cause some other problems in the tooth. It could lead to a receding tooth. The force of the toothbrush would lead to the wearing away of the gum. This would lead to the root being exposed and infections in the long run. It is therefore recommended that while trying to brush, you should always take it gently and slowly. Saving your gums would be key to eliminating the possibility of a receding gum.

Gum infections and Gum diseases

Another reason why receding gums would occur in the teeth could be the presence of gum infections and diseases. Most infections that occur in the gum would eat away at the tissues present. It would thus make the gum easier to penetrate than when the tissues are fully intact. It is recommended that you attend to all gum diseases and infections that are present in the gum as soon as they are noticed.


Our genes are a powerful part of our body. It is therefore not surprising that our genes can transmit problems such as receding gums to us. It has been reported that more than 20% of the world’s population is so much more vulnerable to the receding gum. Therefore, you might have to watch yourself more closely if you feel that you are predisposed to having receding gum issues.

Smoking Tobacco

One of the causes of receding gum could also be smoking tobacco and smoking in general. When you smoke tobacco, there would be particles and other bacteria which would cause plaque on your teeth. When these bacteria are left for a while, they toughened and become so much harder to remove. It is advisable that you stay away or at least reduce the amount of tobacco that you take in.

Shifts in Hormones

Another thing which can cause a lot of problems is female hormones. As a lady, your hormones are just never quite settled. You would face a lot of shift in your hormones levels. Some of the highest levels of hormone shifts that you would face would take place during your puberty. There would also be major changes during your daily menstrual period. Another time for hormonal shifts would be when you are pregnant. During these periods, the possibility of getting receding gums would be so much higher. Receding gum causes would not be complete without the mention of hormonal shifts.

Inadequate Dental care

You are likely to have receding gum pains and receding gum symptoms when you do not take adequate care of your teeth. Dental care involves so much more than brushing your teeth. It boils down to how regularly you brush your teeth, how often you floss. It would also include rinsing your mouth in the right way. Another way you can take good care of your teeth would be using a mouthwash. Most mouthwashes we have today would be perfect for your plaque. They have the capacity to remove plaque. However, you should be careful though. Using the wrong mouthwash (antibacterial) would lead to the formation of calculus. This substance would be hidden in between the spaces that are present in the teeth. They can only be eliminated from the teeth by a dental professional. It would ultimately lead to your gums receding.

Clutching your jaws

When you clutch your jaws like in anger, you are not only showing your anger but also hurting your teeth. The clutching of the jaws would put a lot of pressure and force on your teeth. This would eventually lead to gum recession.

Crooked Teeth

Another reason why many people have receding gum is due to the position of their teeth. People who have crooked teeth have a higher risk of having receding gums. This is because plaques find it easy to grow and expand in teeth that have a lot of spaces in between them. Hence, if you have crooked teeth, then you would have to pay more than the normal attention to your teeth. This would ensure that you do not develop receding gum overtime without even being aware of it.

Gum Recession Treatment

There are many ways to treat a receding gum. However, most treatments would depend on just how far the damage that has been done to the gum has gone. If the receding gum is only mild, then it can be treated easily by a dental professional. Most dentists would clean the area that has been affected. This cleansing method is usually known as the scaling method. After this has been done, that area that was affected will smoothen. This is done in order to make sure that bacteria does not make its way there again.

However, if your receding gum has passed the stage of being treated by deep cleaning, then additional treatment would have to be taken. In most cases, you would have to get a receding gum surgery to take care of the problem.

Types of Receding Gum Surgery

Before you go for receding gum surgery, it is important to know the various options which you would have to fix your gum. Here are some of the best surgeries that you can take;

Scaling and Root planning

The first type of receding gum surgery that is opened to you would be the open flap surgery. During this surgery, the dentist would have to open and fold the parts of the gum that has been affected by the receding gum. When he or she has successfully folded the affected area, the opportunity to remove the bacteria from the gum can be easily achieved. When he or she has successfully removed the bacteria from the gum pockets, he would thus attempt to get the tissues of the gum right back in place. This procedure would ensure that the receding gum reverse would be achieved without too much pain involved.

The regeneration

The receding gum grows back of tissues and bones is another good option which is open to people. Receding gums would usually destroy most of the bones which are available in your teeth. This receding gum grows back procedure would ensure that all your bones and tissues would come back to life. This is achieved through a procedure that is strictly followed. A material which is regenerative in nature is introduced into the patient’s body. This material would be a membrane or even a graft tissue. When this takes place, the gum and the tissues that accompany it would be attached on top of the teeth by its roots.

Another process which would help is receding gum gingivoplasty. This is the process through which pockets that have been affected badly by gum disease are reshaped. This is yet another method which would help restore your receding gum back to normal.

The Soft Tissue Graft

The graft procedures come in various forms. However, the most popular of them all is the graft that is focused on connective tissues. During this procedure, the dentist would cut a piece of skin from your mouth (usually in the upper region). Then the tissue that can be found on the skin would be extracted. This connective tissue would then be attached to the tissue on the gum. It is important to note that sometimes, the dentist may not need to touch the upper region of your mouth. This is because areas around the tooth would have significant flesh through which a flap skin can be extracted.

When choosing a receding gum surgery, it is important for you to seek the advice of your dentist before choosing a procedure. This is because your dentist would definitely know the best procedure for you. Getting the procedure would be pivotal to having your receding gum reversed.

How can Receding Gum be prevented?

Due to the troubles which a receding gum can cause, most people look for ways in which they can actively avoid receding gum from affecting them. Here are some smart ways to avoid the terrible feeling of receding gum and the receding gum pain that comes with it;

Take care of your mouth

This is by far the best way to achieve ultimate freedom from a receding gum. Taking care of your mouth would involve brushing at least twice every day. You would also have to avoid toothpicks and stick to dental floss. Ensure that you use floss on your mouth on a regular basis. Without dental floss, bacteria in your mouth would start to accumulate and cause a whole lot of issues.

Another way to take care of your mouth is by using the right toothbrush. Most toothbrush that has hard bristles would do so much more damage than good for your good. With this in mind, stick to those toothbrushes that have soft bristles. You should also try to find out the right pattern of brushes and practice it. Try to avoid clutching your jaw unnecessarily. Your teeth, after all, are not the cause of your anger

Quit smoking

As earlier stated, one of the receding gum causes is smoking. If you smoke a lot especially tobacco, it may be time to call it quits. Really, your dental health is so much more important than smoking.


Your diet can also help you to remain healthy as regards your teeth. Your gum would need a lot of vitamin C. eating foods which has a complete balanced diet would result in better and healthier gums for you in the long run.

Dental Professional

Lastly, you should ensure that you see a dental professional every once in a while. Receding gums would slowly appear over time and it may be a bit challenging to spot their presence in your gums before it is too late. Hence, seeing a dentist regularly for a checkup is one way in which you can prevent the problem of receding gum. Getting your teeth in top shape is the ultimate goal after all.


Receding gum how to fix methods are really worth taking seriously. Receding gums can cause a lot of pain and lead to so much more problems. However, if you do not have a receding gum, it would be important to take certain steps to ensure that your gum is free from all traces of recession. You would be able to smile happily and have fun without worrying about your teeth.